Goodies from SPX: Day 1

Started the day with:



Ended the day with:

The goods, starting from the top left to the bottom right:

Row 1:
Beartato and the Secret of the Mystery by Anthony Clark (Nedriod Picture Diaries)
Beartato and the Incredible Event by Anthony Clark
Beartato and the Various Things that Happened by Anthony Clark
This is 65 Coloring Book of Awesome Things by Jonathan Eaton
Sketch (from Ghost Rabbit) by Dakota McFadzean
Rumble Moon #0 by Skuds McKinley
Re-Pro-Duct by Austin Wilson and Logan Faerber
Postcard from Jen Tong
Postcard from Jade F. Lee

Row 2:
Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware
Accident Bear’s Summer Vacation by Jonathan Eaton
The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon
Ribbon Sea by Austin Wilson and Lowell Isaac
Postcard from Evan Dahm
Postcard from Kris Mukai

Row 3:
My sunglasses, for scale comparison.
Hitler Kitty by Jonathan Eaton
Robot Cat by Buttersafe
Bookmark from Kenan Rubenstein
Postcard from Jonathan Eaton
Postcard from K. Sekelsky
The Pyramid by Kenan Rubenstein
Prologue by Kenan Rubenstein
On the Beach by Kenan Rubenstein
Drought by Kenan Rubenstein
Ghost Rabbit by Dakota McFadzean
Last Mountain (Short Stories) by Dakota McFadzean
Postcard by Natalie Nourigat


Row 4:
Unkindness by Dakota McFadzean
b.f.f. by Laura Terry
Postcard by Kenan Rubenstein
My Super Powers by Neil Brideau
Postcard from The Strumpet


More to come later (Day 2 is just starting.)

2 thoughts on “Goodies from SPX: Day 1

  1. Serious questions/comments:

    1. You have a coloring book. Is that really a coloring book? I bought colored pencils the other day with the intention of coloring, but I haven’t found a coloring book here…
    2. Please tell me how “Hitler Kitty” is/what it is.
    3. Who are those postcards for? 😉 😉 😉 😉

    1. 1. hahaha yes!! I’m planning to send it to my niece/nephew up in Canada. :)
      2. oh man, I will read it and get back to you ASAP.
      3. HMMM GOOD QUESTION 😉 have anyone in mind?

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