Goodies from SPX: Day 2


Row 1:
My sunglasses for comparison
Print by Jen Tong

Row 2:
Issue 4 from Nobrow
Kanji for Daily Use by Teylor Smirl
“I Love You” Card by Eric Leland
Issue 5 from Nobrow
“Thanks a bunch!” Card by Eric Leland
Happy Birthday Card by Eric Leland

Row 3:
Ninja Girl by Bonesteel
Under Bunnies by Eric Leland
Card from Haemi Choung
60/40 by Bonesteel
Indestructible Universe by Morgan Pielli
Penguin Comic (card) by Teylor Smirl


That’s it guys. I’m beat. I have my fill of lovely art, handmade comics, and stunning bound books until SPX 2013. Over the coming days I’ll post more about other parts of the festival–the panels, the browsing, the books themselves. But until then… I have a lot of reading to do.

2 thoughts on “Goodies from SPX: Day 2

  1. So many goodies! That print looks really great. I need to start collecting prints/art again. You know, for my future house.

    Please please share your thoughts on the books so I can add to my reading list!

    1. absolutely! and yeah, while you’re in thailand you should definitely consider getting fabrics/indigenous crafts/sculptures!
      and i’ll definitely let you know how the books are!!
      thank you for all your comments, they make my day 😀

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